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Student Insurance Information

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About SMIC

Since 1985 Special Markets Insurance Consultants, Inc. (SMIC) has delivered competitive pricing on comprehensive Student Accident Insurance coverage to the K-12 segment. For further details of the coverage outlined above, including costs, benefits, exclusions and any reductions or limitation, and the terms under which the policy may be continued in force, please refer to Students are able to purchase coverage only if his/her school district is a policyholder with the insurance company.

Accidents aren’t supposed to happen, but they do.

School recess, one-day field trips and general day-to-day activities can all lead to injuries. Having coverage during school hours, or around the clock can insure your loved ones get the care they need without financial hardship to your family.


Any enrolled student is eligible for coverage.

K-12 ACCIDENT PLANS THAT ARE AVAILABLE THROUGH YOUR SCHOOL: • School Time Accident Only • 24-Hour Accident Only • Interscholastic Sports • 24-Hour Dental

All available plans are offered by Special Markets Insurance Consultants, Inc. To research which plans are being offered by your school, please visit our website’s online enrollment tool at


Parents or guardians of students are responsible for enrollment and premium payment.


Enrolling is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Go to

  1. Click on Coverage Details at the top,
  2. Select State and click “Look Up”
  3. Click on School or District
  4. Click on link to display plan details.

Parents can either print and complete the enrollment application to mail with check or money order or:

You can enroll online:

  1. Enroll online by clicking “Enroll Now”
  2. Select State and click “Look Up”
  3. Click on School or District
  4. Select school location name (if applicable)
  5. Check the plan options
  6. Complete online application (more than one child can be enrolled on the same application)
  7. Pay by credit/debit
  8. Print ID card

FOR QUESTIONS, CALL (800)727-7642 x 6118