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Student Activities Handbook

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Laurel Public Schools Student Activities Handbook 2022-2023

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Equity Policy 18

Activities Department Contact Information 19 Head Coach Contract Information 19

Forms 20

Mission Statement

To providestudent-athletesthebest possibleeducation-basedathletic experiencethroughthe invested stakeholders of the Laurel Public Schools District.

Philosophy of the Activities Department

Athletics are an integral part of the district’s program of education to provide experiences that will develop students physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. By creating tomorrow’s future one student-athlete at a time.

Participationinathleticsisaprivilegethatcarrieswithitresponsibilitiestotheschool,theteam, the coaches, the community, and the student.

The rules of the Laurel Public Schools, the Montana High School Association (MHSA), and the Eastern ‘A’ Conference shall apply to all interscholastic activities. In addition, the Laurel High School Student Handbook policies shall govern any topics not listed in this handbook. Other district policies shall govern any issues not listed in either handbook.

Athletic Eligibility

Montana High School Association Eligibility

All rules and regulations of the Montana High School Association may be found in the MHSA Handbook for the current year. Below are summaries of the regulations dealt with most often. Enrollment/Attendance:TobeeligibletoparticipateinanAssociationContest,astudentmustbe regularly enrolled in school, must be in regular attendance from the enrollment date, and receivedapassinggradeinatleasttwentyperiodsofpreparedclassworkoritsequivalentinthe last previous semester, at the school where the student participates.

Non-public or homeschool eligibility:students who meet the requirements of MHSA policy 20-5-109 can participate in Laurel Public Schools extra-curricular activities with the following stipulations:

  1. Thesamestandardsforparticipationmustbemetasthoserequiredoffull-time students enrolled in the school (besides enrollment).
  2. ThesamerulesoftheMHSAapply,includingage,semesters,academics(see#3) and transfer. Only enrollment is waived.
  3. The academic eligibility for extra-curricular participation for a student attending a non-public school must beat tested by the head administrator of the non-publicschool. The academic eligibility for extra-curricular participation for students attending a home school must beat tested in writing by the educator providing the student instruction with verification by the Laurel High School principal.
  4. The student must live in the LPS attendance area in order to participate.
  5. A home school or non-public school student who participates at LPS is not eligibletoconcurrentlyparticipateinthesamesport/activitythathe/sheparticipatesinat the member school in any other league (non-public or home school).

Academic Eligibility: Highschool students must pass four academic classes during the preceding semester in order to remain academically eligible.

Physical Exam: a physical examination is required for each student to be considered eligible for participation in an Association Contest. Physical examinations must be completed before the first practice. This examination must be certified by a licensed medical professional acting with in the scope and limitationsof his/her practice. This certification is valid for a period of one school year.

A physical examination conducted beforeMay 1st is not valid for participation the following school year.

Age Rule: No student is eligible to participatein an Association contest who has become nineteen(19) years old on or before midnight, August31st ,of a given year. There fore a student who becomes nineteen(19) years old after midnight, August 31st, of a given year will be permitte to compete in all Association contests throughout that school year under the provisions of this section. Transfer Rule: Any student who transfers from one member high school, homeschool, or non-member school to amember high school is ineligible to participate in a varsity Association Contest for 90 PI days or its equivalent in districts with extended school days/four day weeks from the date of enrollment in the school to which he/she transfers.A student and his/her parents or legal guardians must reside in the attendance area of the school in which he/she is enrolled, except for a student enrolling in ninth grade for the first time. This rule applies to a student who transfers after twenty(20) days of enrollment or after he/she participates in an athletic contest while enrolled in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Laurel Schools Eligibility

AllstudentsmeetingtheeligibilityrequirementsoftheMontanaHighSchoolAssociationand the local requirements of Laurel High School are eligible to compete in extra-curricular activities.

Ingeneral,studentsareeligiblebymeetingthefollowingrequirementsandtheMontanaHigh School Association regulations, Laurel High School/Middle School studenthandbook, and student pledge:

  1. Studentsareinregularattendanceandareenrolledinandreceivingapassinggradeinall but one subject, and he/she is maintaining a 2.0-grade point average during each mid-termandquartergradingperiod.Attheendofthesemester,thesemestergradewill be thedetermining factoratthehighschool level. Allclassgradesarecomputedfor eligibility requirements.
  2. Forincomingfreshmenstudents,the 4 thquartergradeswillcarryoverfromyour 8 thgrade to determine eligibility.

Students Absent From School

There is a policy in the student handbook regarding students absent from school who are involved in extra-curricular activities. This policy states the following: Students absent during the day and/or part of the day on an activity or practice will not be permitted to participate in that event. For example, suppose the student is absent the Friday before an event on the next day (Saturday). In that case, they may be permitted to participate in the activity on that Saturday with the consent of the parent, the Administration, and the head coach or group advisor of the event. On overnight trips, when the team leaves before a Saturday, students absent the day before may not be allowed to accompany the team. Approval for participation will be considered if the absence in question results from a previously scheduled medical/dental/vision appointment. For example, an appointment that satisfies requirements of the law, Senior Pictures being taken, or if the absence results from some family emergency, or with the approval of the head coach, building principal, and the activities director. A student will not be excused from assigned detention time for practice or school activity.

Students Arriving Home Late

Students arrivinghomeaftermidnight areexpectedtobeinschoolthatday.Anyexceptions must go through the activities director or principal.

Participation Conflicts

  1. Activityperformancestakeprecedenceoverpracticeswithnounduepressureofthreator threat of exclusion by either coach/sponsor in the event of a conflict.

  2. In the event of performanceconflicts between Laurel Public School Activities, the student will be allowed to choose with no undue pressure or threat.

  3. LPSeventshavepriorityovernon-LPSeventsunlesspriorarrangementshavebeenmade with the coach or sponsor.

Responsibility for Equipment Return

The student must agree to be responsible for the safe return or replacement of all athletic and/or activity equipment issued by the school. A fee will be accessed if the equipment is lost or needs to be replaced.

Notification of Parent/Guardians

Parents/guardians need to be notified by the coach when a given discipline action or other failures on the athlete’s part will have a substantial or unexpected impact on the athlete’s playing time.

Participation Deadline

Students may apply to play a sport that misses the start of the season within twelve practice days. Each Head Coach will have the final decision if approached by a student-athlete. Transfers eligible for participation may start a sport at any reasonable time if the Head Coach and Admin Team agree.

8th Grade Participation

8th graders will be allowed to participate in high school athletics in order to fill out a team roster. The sports programs approved for 8th grade participation would be Boys Soccer, Wrestling, and Softball for the 2022-2023 school year. 8th grade athletes will be required to attend a meeting with the Head Coach, Guardians, and the Activities Director prior to the start of the regular season. If a program does have low numbers, a recommendation and School Board approval would be needed in order to allow 8th participation in a program not already approved.

Chemical Use Policy

The opportunity to participate in the extra-curricular program sponsored by Laurel Public Schools is a privilege extended to all district students. Students who choose to be part of the program are expected to make the commitment to adhere to the philosophy and rules governing the various activities making up the district’s extra-curricular program. The board believes that participation in these types of activities can contribute to the all-around development of our students.

Use or Possession of Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, or Tobacco: Policy 2155

The board further believes that necessary and proper rules governing the use of illegal substances serve the following purposes:

To emphasize concern for the health and well-being of students while participating in activities.

To provide an environment for the participants that is drug, alcohol, and tobacco-free.

To promote a sense of self-discipline among the students.

To confirm and support existing state laws governing minors and their use and abuse of illegal substances.

To emphasize standards of conduct for those students who through their participation are leaders and role models for their peers and younger students.

To assist students who desire to resist peer pressure to possess and use these substances.

Tobacco-Free Policy (Student Handbook) All school district property is hereby declared tobacco-free for all students. Use of possession of tobacco products by minors is both against the law and district policy. No use or possession of tobacco will be permitted on Laurel School District grounds and facilities. Limitations or prohibitions on tobacco use are applicable during all hours. Additionally, the high school includes in this category all e-cigarettes and supplies ,vape 32 supplies, and accessories.


These rules cover the use, personal possession, sale, or distribution of alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, and the abuse of prescription or nonprescription drugs. The policy is not intended to apply to the use of prescribed medications under a doctor’s supervision when those drugs are used in the prescribed manner.

A participant is in violation of this policy if he or she is knowingly in attendance at a gathering or function where illegal substances (except tobacco products) are present unless it is a family or recognized community gathering or function. Even if the participant is not in possession of, or using an illegal substance at the gathering or function, he or she will be subject to the consequences as outlined in this policy.

1st Violation – The student will be suspended from the activity they are currently participating in or the next activity they participate in for two weeks of competition. The offender may practice, but cannot participate in a formal activity or performance. As part of this ban on participation, the student will not be allowed to be part of the team or group during an activity either home or away. The student will be required to meet with a Chemical Dependency Counselor for an evaluation and provide written documentation verifying the appointment.

2nd Violation – The student will be suspended or excluded from ALL extra-curricular activities for the remainder of the school year. The student will also be required to meet with a Chemical Dependency Counselor for additional evaluation services and provide written documentation verifying this appointment. This verification must be provided to the school district before the student is allowed to participate in any activities the following year.

If any violation of this policy occurs during the last two weeks of the spring season, the student will not be allowed to participate during the first two weeks of competition in the next activity they participate in during the next school year. The student must also complete the entire season of the next activity they participate in order for this rule to apply.

Non-season Activities – (Music, clubs, royalty candidates, class officers, and any school-sponsored trips.)

1st Violation – The student is excluded from all non-season school activities for 20 school days. The student will be required to meet with a Chemical Dependency Counselor for an evaluation and provide written documentation verifying the appointment.

2nd Violation – The student will be suspended or excluded from ALL extra-curricular activities for the remainder of the school year. The student will also be required to meet with a Chemical Dependency Counselor for additional evaluation services and provide written documentation verifying the appointment. This verification must be provided to the school district before the student is allowed to participate in any activities the following year.


The district may become aware of infractions through law enforcement or court officers. Otherwise, the student infractions must be reported and/or validated by employees of Laurel School District or members of the Board of Trustees if action is to be taken under this policy. The district reserves the right to conduct its own investigation; make a determination of guilt; and apply sanctions independent of any pending court action against the student arising from the same offense. Policy Duration The policy duration for this policy is for one academic year (1 school year), including the fall seasons that start before the academic school year.

Code of Conduct


I will be the best I can be and achieve at my highest level.
I will influence and encourage my peers in all their endeavors and projects
I will have the courage to take the “right” stand regardless of peer
I will conduct myself in a manner that contributes to an orderly atmosphere and ensures the
rights of all individuals within the school.
I will be considerate and respectful of others.
I will give my best to my academic and extra-curricular pursuits.

I will demonstrate care and concern for school property and the property of others.
I will respond appropriately to the direction of faculty and staff at school and school activities.
I will be responsible for my attitude and behavior.

Failure of a student-athlete to adhere to the said above code of conduct may result in a suspension from the program. Additionally, the Head Coach and AD/Admin will work together using the Laurel High School Student Handbook and Laurel Public Schools Student Transportation Handbook to determine the outcome of said violation.

Expectations of Parents/Guardians

Athletic events are learning experiences for student-athletes. A ticket to a contest is a privilege to observe athletic tests of skills, not to verbally assault others or be obnoxious. Audiences may forget that high school athletes have not reached mature physical performance, so errors can be expected. Moreover, audiences who learn the rules of the sport are less likely to criticize officials, players, or coaches.

● Rememberthatyouareatacontesttosupportand cheer foryourteamandenjoy
the skill and competition, not to intimidate or ridicule the other team and its fans.
● Rememberthatinterscholasticathleticsarelearningexperiencesforstudentsand
that mistakes are sometimes made. Praise student-athletes in theirattemptto
student working in the classroom.
● Learn the rules of thegamesothatyou mayunderstandand appreciatewhy
certain situations take place.
● Refrain from taunting or making any kind of derogatory remarks to your
opponents during the game.
● Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials. Understand that they
aredoing their best to help promote the student-athlete and admire their
willingness to participate in full view of the public.
● Recognize and show appreciation for an outstanding play by either team.
● Refrainfromtheuseofanycontrolledsubstances(alcohol,drugs,etc.)beforeand
during gamesand afterwardon ornearthesiteoftheevent.•Useonlythose
cheers that support and uplift the teams involved.
● Recognizeandcomplement theeffortsof schoolandleagueadministratorsfor
good sportsmanship.
● Be apositivebehavior rolemodelthroughyourownactionsandbycensuring
those around you at events where behavior is unbecoming.
● Showrespectfortheopposingplayers,coaches,fansandsupportgroups.Treat
them as you would treat a guest in your own home.
● Keeping Activities In Perspective
● Emphasize that academics always come first.

Participant Guidelines

shouldbe turnedintotheHeadCoach/Sponsor ortheHighSchool/Middle SchoolOfficeor
completed online in the new Dragonfly Sports Management System
( ) where noted below:

PHYSICAL FORMS (COMPLETED IN DRAGONFLY): Physicalsare required for all athletics,includingcheerleading.PhysicalformsmaybeobtainedattheAdministrationOffice, High School Office, Middle School Office, or the Clinics in Laurel. All information and necessarysignaturesmustbeprovided.StudentsparticipatinginSpeech&DramaandMusicare required to complete the Parent Permission Statement, but no physical is required.

EMERGENCY MEDICALRELEASEFORMS: Thisform willaccompanyallteamsand
emergency. Theform mustbe fullycompletedand signedbytheparentor guardianorthe
student will not be permitted to participate in the activity.
STUDENTACTIVITYPASS: Studentswillreceiveanactivitypassoncethatstudenthaspaid
their participation feemaybe purchasedfromtheHigh SchoolOffice. Thepassallowsthe
lost and you need a replacement, there will be a $5.00 charge to get another one.
PARTICIPATIONFEE: HighSchool studentparticipantswillbe requiredtopay a$50.
willberequired topay a$35.00 participationfee.ThisfeemustbepaidattheHighSchool
mustbegiventotheparticipant. Anyparticipantwhohasnotpaidthefeebythesecond(2nd)
made arrangements with the Activities Director to get the fee waived.

MEDICALINSURANCE: Sincethebeginningofthe1995-96schoolyear,thedistricthasnot carriedanaccidentpolicyforstudents.Thecostforcarryingsuchapolicysimplygottoohigh. Studentschoolinsuranceisavailabletobepurchasedbyparents/guardiansiftheirstudentisnot coveredbyanyotherpolicy.Ifinterested,pleasecontacttheActivitiesDirector.Although,by beingpartoftheMHSA,wearenowpartofasecondaryinsuranceplanthatwillkickinafter your initial insurance for concussion injuries only.

CHAINOFCOMMUNICATION: Allinformalcomplaintsofaminornatureshouldfirstbe dealtwithbetweenplayerandcoach.Ifthisdoesnotworkoranunderstandingisnotreached, theparentandcoachshouldmeet.Ifeitheroftheinitialmeetingsarenotsatisfactoryordeemed toocontentious,theAdministrationcansitintooverseethediscussionbetweentheconcerned parties.TheAdministrationwilldocumentthecomplaintandworkwiththeconcernedpartiesto remedy the complaint and/or reach an understanding of the position.

All areas of concern and informal complaintsshould proceed through theproper chain of communication as outlined below:

  1. Head Coach/Student-Athlete
  2. Head Coach/Parent/Student-Athlete
  3. Activities Director
  4. Principal
  5. Superintendent
  6. Board of Trustees

TheChainofCommunication isdesignedtodealwithinformalinquiriesanddisagreements. Laurel Public Schools encourages individuals to communicatewitheach otherand workto resolve disagreementsand minorconflicts. Formalcomplaints may be handledthrough the formal complaint procedures (Board Policy 1700).

School Led Prayer

Prayer led by any school district employee is a violation of the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution. School-led prayer by a district employee is illegal and will not be tolerated by this district

Social Media

Athleticparticipationisa privilegeandnotaright.Aspartofthatprivilege,student-athletes acknowledgetheyarerepresentingtheirschool,community,andtheteamatalltimes,including while participatingor not; this includes representation on social media. Socialmedia isan effectivetoolwhenusedresponsibly.LaurelHighSchoolandtheathleticdepartmentcannotand

willnotmonitoreveryinstanceofsocialmedia.However,student-athletesshouldbeawarethat thereisnoexpectationontheirpartofprivacywheninteractingonsocialmedia.Therefore,we expectourstudent-athletestoholdthemselvestoahighstandardandnotengageininappropriate activities,includingbutnotlimitedtocyber-bullying,trashtalk,postingitemswithinappropriate language or images, and criticism of coaches, officials, or school administrators, etc.

Derogatory remarks, comments, or pictures posted on any social media site or made by a student toward anyone, including adults, will not be tolerated. This includes derogatory statements, pictures, and videos made and sent via email, text, or posted to any social media website or an app-based program. Any student found in violation of this policy may face disciplinary action. The coach and Administration will determine appropriate consequences, including denial of participation or dismissal from the extra-curricular. The Administration will make the final determination.

Risk of Injury

Despitethebenefitsofathletics,participationisnotwithoutsomeinherentdangers.Despitethe effortsofmanufacturerstoimprovethesafetyoftheirequipmentandtheeffortsofthecoaches to be properly trained, injuries do and will continue to occur.

Asaresult,webelievethatourstudentsandparentsmustbefullyawareofthepossibleinjuries inherent in athletic competition. The parent’s signature acknowledging the risksinno way deprives them of any legal rights – itmerely atteststo theirunderstandingofthepossible dangers.

Return to Play

  1. Incaseofaninjurywhereanathleteisremovedfromthegameforaperiodoftimefor observation,theathletecanonlyreturntoplaywhenreleasedbytheLicensedAthletic Trainer and/or Physician.
  2. TheLicensedAthleticTrainer willbriefly explaintheathlete’scondition to thehead coach and when the athlete can expect to return to the activity.
  3. IftheLicensedAthleticTrainerisunabletoinformtheathlete’scoachoftheathlete’s condition, thestudentaidewillaskthecoachtocontacttheLicensedAthleticTrainer and/or Physician for information.
  4. Whenanathleteisdeemedreadytoreturntotheactivity,theLicensedAthleticTrainer and/orPhysicianwillexplaintotheheadcoachandathletewhattheywillbelookingfor
this time.
  1. Incaseofapotentialinjuryinwhichtheathleteisnottoreturntoactivity,allprotective equipment will be removed and steps 1-4 above will be followed.
  2. Ifanathletehasbeenseenbyaphysicianduetoinjuryand/orillness,he/sheisrequired to givetheathletictrainerawrittenreleasetoreturntoathletics.Whenappropriate,a written rehabilitation and treatment program should also be given to the athletic trainer.

Student-Athlete Advisory Council

To give student-athletes more of a voice, the Activities Department has created a SAAC. A Junior or Senior will represent each program. Head Coaches and high school staff will submit their recommendations at the end of the year for the following school year. Each member will serve their term until graduation if selected as a Junior. In addition, a Laurel High School Student Council representative will attend meetings and coordinate with the student body. The committee will meet monthly with the AD to discuss the following topics and ideas.

● Promoting communication between student-athletes and the athletics administration
● Giving student-athletesa voicewithintheathleticsdepartmentwhennewpoliciesare
being considered
● Providing insight and feedback into issues affecting the athletics department
● Providing the student perspective on broader rules and regulations, such as those
proposed by state or national organizations
● Building a sense of community among many teams within the athletics program
● Organizing and participating in community service efforts
● Boosting theimageofstudent-athletesoncampusandcreatingapositivevibeforthe
athletics program as a whole
● Working with the current AD to promote community theme nights for sporting events

Loco Cup

Our success on the field comes only after our success off the field. So, to show off all the effort our student-athletes put into things outside of sports, the Loco Cup will be awarded to the program that excels the most in the following areas.

  1. Team GPA
  2. Team Attendance Rate
  3. Community service hours
  4. Attending other school-sponsored events a. Students must use their student activity passvia GoFan to receive credit


Ticket Prices

  1. Season Passes a. Individual Student - $35. b. Individual Adult - $65. c. Family Pass - $160. i. Two adults ii. Two students iii. ***Cannot be used towards participation fee
  2. Single-game or event: i. Student - $6. ii. Adult - $8. iii. Preschool – Free iv. Senior Citizens with Gold Pass – Free v. Senior Citizens outside of District - $4.
  3. Ticketswillbe availableforpurchaseviaGoFanbeforetheeventorinpersonatthe event. We prefer the use of GoFan, but cash will be accepted at events.

End of Season Awards


Cross Country
Girls Boys
Most Inspirational Runner Most Inspirational Runner

Most Improved Runner Most Improved Runner

Outstanding Runner Outstanding Runner


Girls Boys

Commitment Award Commitment Award

Most Improved Most Improved

Lowest Stroke Average Lowest Stroke Average


Girls Boys

Most Valuable Player Most Valuable Player

Most Inspirational Player Most Inspirational Player

Offensive Player of the Year Offensive Player of the Year

Defensive Player of the Year Defensive Player of the Year

Rookie of the Year Rookie of the Year

Goalkeeper of the Year Goalkeeper of the Year

Most Improved Most Improved


Most Blocks Most Digs

Most Ace Serves Most Assists

Most Kills Best Serving Percentage


MVP - Offense Most Outstanding Lineman

Team Blackshirt of the Year Purple Helmet Award

MVP - Special Teams Iron Man Award


Outstanding Wrestler Most Improved

Most Takedowns Most Pins


Girls Boys

Best Free Throw Percentage Best Free Throw Percentage

Best Field Goal Percentage Best Field Goal Percentage

Most Assists Most Assists

Most Rebounds Most Rebounds

Best 3 Point Field Goal Percentage Best 3 Point Field Goal Percentage

Outstanding Offensive Player Outstanding Offensive Player

Outstanding Defensive Player Outstanding Defensive Player


Girls Boys

Outstanding Sprinter/Hurdler Outstanding Sprinter/Hurdler

Outstanding Runner Outstanding Runner

Outstanding Thrower Outstanding Thrower

Outstanding Horizontal Jumper Outstanding Horizontal Jumper

Outstanding Vertical Jumper Outstanding Vertical Jumper

Most Inspirational Most Inspirational

Most Inspirational Defensive Player of the Year
Most Improved Offensive Player of the Year


After each season, an awards presentation may be held. It may be in a banquet format or a team gathering format. Parents and other family members can be invited. Banquet arrangements must abide by the requirements and expectations of equity to be sponsored, promoted, or encouraged by the school. All awards presentations must be held in a school facility. All award and banquet expenses must follow a reasonable budget of funds that can be spent from the team account as outlined by the head coach and the activities director. All MHSA Award and Amateur Rules apply and must be followed.


Each program head coach will establish the criteria for lettering. Any participant who successfully meets that criteria will “letter” and receive the actual letter the first time, followed by a pin for each “letter.” Head coaches have the discretion to determine who letters within their program. Lettering criteria should be well communicated before the start of the season.

Special Awards

The Activities Department will also recognize multi-sport student-athletes. Any athlete who earns varsity letters in two sports will receive a dual-sport athlete award; Any student who earns three varsity letters in 3 different sports will receive a three-sport athlete award; Any student who has earned at least six varsity letters will receive a number six-letter to go on their letterman’s jacket

Equity Policy

Trueequityisbasednotontheletterofthelawbutinsteadonthespiritofthephilosophy.The bestwaytothinkofequityisthatallparticipants,whethermaleorfemale,alldeservethesame treatment.AllstaffmembersintheLaurelPublicSchoolActivitiesProgramareexpectedtobe wellacquaintedwith theexpectationsofMHSA,Ridgeway,andTitleIX.TheLaurelPublic SchoolDistrictiscommittedtoadheringtothespiritaswellastheletterofthelawinregardsto equity.Thespiritofequity,notonlywithregardtosexbutinallareas,istobeestablishedand maintained in the following areas for equivalent programs:

A.Schedule B. Practice Facilities C. Uniform Purchase and Replacement

D.Hiring of Coaches E. Evaluation of Coaches F. Team Support (Boosters, etc.)

G.Transportation H.Number of Activities I. Coaches’ Pay

J. Meal Arrangements K.Motel Accommodations L. Game and Contest Facilities

M.Medical and Training Facilities

Inadditiontospecificequityrequirementsinathletics,allactivitiesstaffmembersareexpected tobeknowledgeableofandsensitivetoallformsofdiscrimination,bias,andharassmentthat mayoccuronthebasisofsex,race,nationality,orotherfactors.TheLaurelHighSchoolPep Band, with theapprovaloftheAdministration,mayattend andperformforGirls andBoys BasketballDivisional,Volleyball Divisional,andStateTournaments(exceptvolleyball)every year and will perform on Friday and Saturday only provided the team is still playing on Saturday.ThePepBandwillalsoattendandperformforDivisionalBasketballandDivisional VolleyballonThursdayofthetournamentifthedistancetotravelisunder 75 miles.ThePep Band,withtheapprovaloftheAdministration,mayalsoattendandperformforanyhomeState Football Playoff Game or any home or away State Championship Football game or home or away State ChampionshipSoccerMatch,shouldeither thefootballorsoccerteamqualityforsuchState events.ThePepBandwillalsoperformforanyhomeDivisionalTournamentevents.ThePep Band Directorshallprovideawrittenlistof allactivitiesthatthePepBandperformstothe ActivitiesDirector,andthatlistwillprovideanequalnumberofboysandgirlsactivitiesthat they perform for.

Thecheerleadingcoach/sponsorshallprovideawrittenlistofallactivitiesthatthecheerleaders willperformtotheActivitiesDirectorandthatlistwillprovideanequalnumberofboysand girls activities that the cheerleaders perform for.

Taking school days off for tournaments must be done in an equitable manner for all activities.

Activities Department Contact Information

Activities Director: Riley Mayo
Office Phone: 406 628-
High School Main Office: 406 628-
Twitter: @LPSActivities

Head Coach Contract Information

Name Sport Email


Trudnowski Boys Basketball


Andrew Davis Boys Soccer

Curtis Fox Boys Track

James Haskins Boys/Girls Cross Country

Jim O'Neil Boys/Girls Golf

Ted Hill Boys/Girls Wrestling


Michael Ludwig Football

Sam WindyBoy Girls Basketball

Thomas Maack Girls Soccer

Brandi Fox Girls Track

Liz Schwartz SDD

Robin Taylor Volleyball